Earn upto $ 10000 a month simply by recommending Alephants to business around you.

By being an ambassador you will get an unique link. Share this unique link with potential business and if they join and hire from Alephants you will get $50 that easy. :)

How does Brand Ambassador program work

Apply and get accepted :

Once you submit your application, depending on the city our team will approve your application. We have fix capacity for every city.

Share with businesses around

You will get a unique link to share once you get accepted as Brand Ambassador. You can then share this link with any businesses. You will be able to see all your performance, how many visitors came, how many signed up, who signed up, who hired etc. in your dashboard.

Get paid

For every company that joins you get $50, up to $ 10000 a month. Once a company hires through Alephants that was your reference you will get notified and asked to add your bank details to proceed with payments.


By year 2020 a million will rely on Alephants to find jobs.

Be a part of the mission