Work. Life. Balanced.

Local Assistants on hourly basis for enterprenuers, professionals and small teams.


Get experienced assistant to work at your office. Pay only for the hours worked.

Simply Post a shift and get staff to show up at your office. No legal or accounting overheads. Get started in minutes, hire for 2 hours or 2 months.

Hire Based On Skillset


Revolutionising the way you hire temporary staff

Alephants ensures an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, giving you the trust that staff will get the job right.

  1. 1

    Request a Shift

    Enter type of job that needs to be done, job brief, location of the job, dates & hours; and our system will instantly start scouting for the best staff for your job.

  2. 2

    Get the job done

    Staff show up and ready to work. You will be notified when the staff is assigned to your shift. You have the liberty to make changes.

  3. 3

    Rate and approve

    Rate and review the performance of staff once your job is complete, and approve their job to get them paid.


Streamline your success, in work and life.

Alephants is the secret weapon of successful people. Not just in work, but in life. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details. Stuff like scheduling meetings, Data entry, social media marketing or booking travel.

Just post a shift and get a smart, highly trained local staff who works at your office as your right hand and left brain.


Making sure everything is done on time and your organization is organized.


“You have to have good content.” We are sure you've heard it more than a few times. Our Assistant deliver GREAT content.


What works and what doesn’t? Get Staff that can take orders and instruction or can research information to offer suggestions.


The world wide web can be the black hole of all rabbit holes. Our staff knows the shortcuts….and they have a flashlight.


What color schemes make people buy more? What shapes, colors, words are most appealing? Let our staff help you with that.


Friends, Likes, Followers, Posts, Comments, Pokers, Tweets, Pins, where has your time gone? Let our assistant help you get back more time of yours!


Bookkeeping and data entry can be a daunting & time consuming task. Get a staff to take care of all nitty gritty of your accounting sheets & data work,


Managing your social media accounts, replying to inquiries,updating your instagram page, using hashtags, follow, like, share, research on linkedin and sending out requests.


Short Term

$28.0 / Hr

Hire as an when you need it. Simply post shift and get assistant to show up at your office. Pay for the hours actually worked.

Get Started

Long Term

$18 / Hr

Need assistant for more than 100 hours a month? Get a special rate and consierge service with a dedicated account manager making sure you get the right type of staff.

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