Productive and active hotels are hiring the best staff with Alephants's on-demand staffing platform. They get it.



Three easy steps. Using Alephants, you can simply make a request for Alephants to send you the best hospitality staff. After you manage our staff and have a successful shift, we´ll do all the paperwork and you just pay for the professional experience!



Alephants gives you an extended workforce at you fingertips, saving you time to search for quality workers. Alephants interviews and does personality tests with all candidates. Our staff´s high ratings from past jobs give you confidence that they can hit the ground running for your function, conference or event.

All the tools you'll need for amazing hospitality staff

Whether you’re welcoming new guests, or producing a big event, Alephants has your needs covered.

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Feature2 Create private teams on Alephants with your preferred staff. Offer your team job before new staff.

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Choose how you use Alephants

  • Qualifiedstafflead


  • Trybeforebuy

    Use our staff, and if you like them, you can then hire them full-time. Trial potential candidates through Alephants before committing to a full-time position and get confidence when building your team.

  • Goondemand

    Bring your own casual workforce onto Alephants and use our tech to notify your staff instantly and schedule them onto shifts. If your casual workforce is not available tap into Alephants pool of temporary staff.