You just have to point, Alephants will go and pick it up

Each time you need Alephants, our on-demand staffing platform always brings you the best staff for the particular position. Delivery? Moving boxes? Organizing a store? We have the staff, and we´ll take care of the paperwork too! We like to move it-move it.



Different jobs need different types of staff. One person or a dozen, you have access to on-demand, handpicked, rated and reviewed talent gives you the peace of mind of knowing you can always match your growth with our workers.


We handle all payroll and administration for your temps

We know how busy you can get during inventory season, so take advantage of Alephants integrated payment and invoicing function. You can use Alephants platform for your own companies staff, posting shifts and calendars.

All the tools you'll need to perfect your logistics.

There is a big difference between delivering a few small boxes and doing a companies worth of year-end inventory, but either one, Alephants has you covered.

NO UPFRONT COSTS It’s free to make a request for staff. You only pay once hours are confirmed and the job is complete.

PRIVATE TEAMS Create private teams on Alephants with your preferred staff. Offer your team job before new staff.

COST SAVINGS Our platform can save you between 20-50% compared to traditional temporary staffing agencies

HIRE IN MINUTES Make a request for staff in less than a minute and get staff at your door in under 4 hours

ENGINEERED FOR BUSINESS Legal & Accounting compliances built right into the platform so you can focus on the business.

QUALITY ASSURED All the staff are pre-vetted and assessed for quality for every specific job they are assigned to.

Choose how you use Alephants

  • Get qualified staff

    Tap into our pool of qualified staff. Meet new enthusiastic people who maintain high ratings through the quality of their work.

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  • Try before you hire

    Use our staff, and if you like them, you can then hire them full-time. Trial potential candidates through Alephants before committing to a full-time position and get confidence when building your team.

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  • Go on-demand

    Bring your own casual workforce onto Alephants and use our tech to notify your staff instantly and schedule them onto shifts. If your casual workforce is not available tap into Alephants pool of temporary staff.

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